The door is the first impression that the home gives its home. The visitor always does not enter the house to see the door. The wooden doors on the market today can be divided into three major categories – solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded doors.

1, all solid wood original door

The wooden door refers to the wooden door with the outer material and the inner material completely unified. Generally speaking, all kinds of wooden doors with this feature include half-glass doors and glass doors made of logs.

As the most expressive factor of indoor effect, the choice and matching of decorative wooden doors can be said to be the “finishing touch” pen in the home process, which is now more and more popular among consumers. Most of the wood used for solid wood doors is precious wood such as cherry, walnut, teak and so on. It has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks and heat insulation. The dark brown walnut gives a feeling of dignity and light brown cherry wood makes you feel at home. The wooden doors exhibit varying textures and shades of wood due to the choice of tree species. Therefore, choosing a wooden door that matches the decoration of the living room will add a lot of color to the living room.

The solid wood smashing door is made of solid wood. The decorative door is made of natural wood from the forest as the door core and then processed by cutting, planing, opening, drilling, engraving and shaping.

At the same time, the solid wood door has good sound absorption and effectively plays the role of sound insulation. The quality of all solid wood doors is very high. The advantages are luxurious and beautiful. However, the high market price is the most high-grade wooden door product in the interior door market.

2, solid wood composite door

The door frame of the solid wood composite door is made of fir or pine intermediate filled honeycomb paper, MDF grid, bridge mechanics board, solid wood and other structures. The high-grade solid wood composite door has a high-quality white pine surface and is a solid wood single board. Due to the small density, light weight and easy control of water content, the quality of the finished door is light and not easily deformed and cracked. The solid wood composite door is equivalent to the solid wood door which is stable for a long time, does not deform, does not crack, and has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance and flame retardancy, and has good sound insulation effect. The texture of solid wood composite doors is slightly inferior to that of solid wood doors, but the materials and styles are more diverse or exquisite European-style carved or Chinese classical color mosaics or fashionable modern, different decorative style doors can give consumers a wider choice of space.

3, splint molded hollow door

The splint molded hollow door is made of solid wood, and the two sides are made of a decorative plate and pressed on the frame by hot pressing. The splint molded hollow door core and frame are mostly made of pine. The single structure is simple. The door type is more economical than the solid wood door and solid wood composite door. Because the interior of the door panel is hollow, the sound insulation effect is not as good as that of the whole solid wood door.

The splint molded hollow door is affixed with “varnished” veneer or wood grain paper to maintain the decorative effect of the wood texture and also for panel mosaic. The general splint molded hollow door is delivered with a neutral white primer. Consumers can go home and recolor according to personal preference on a white neutral primer to meet the individual needs of consumers.

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