Before going to the store to buy, you should have some expertise. Xiaobian gave you a series of methods to identify solid wood furniture, teach you what to ask when you buy, how to see, how to listen.

Ask a question: all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture or solid wood veneer.

When purchasing furniture products, you can pass some simple and clear questions. Generally speaking, you can feel the rich professional knowledge of the business through language conversation.

Let the salesperson not “fuzzy sales.” For example, “Is this all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture or solid wood veneer?” “Is there any artificial board?” “Where is the various wood used? (If it is not a single material, it can be used to express the use of various woods. Part)” and so on.

Listen to it: feel the echoes evenly everywhere.

If the sound is very dull, it may not be solid wood furniture, but a composite board. The density of the composite panel is not uniform, so the sound sounds awkward.

Take a look: curvature and wood knots.

The curvature and pattern of solid wood furniture can only be achieved by cutting, and this will waste a lot of wood, so the general manufacturers will not use this method.

So if there is a shape with a very large curvature, you can look at whether the wood grain on both sides of the same position is the same.

Also look at whether the solid wood furniture panels are made of solid wood panels. First of all, you can see the wood grain and the knot. The more the wood with no color difference and clean rules, the more the wood is not pure solid wood.

For example, a wardrobe door, the appearance looks like a pattern, then the corresponding position on the back of the cabinet door should also correspond to the wood grain.

Touch it: the wood grain is naturally smooth and seamless.

When you touch it, you can feel the wood grain is clear and smooth. Small furniture can be identified by the feel of wood grain, but if it is a large piece of furniture, it must be stitched and combined, and the touch is not accurate. Still have to listen.

掂一掂: Wood furniture is lighter than sheet furniture.

The wood is divided into three grades according to the weight. The lightweight ones have dried paulownia wood, and the heavyweights are pine, eucalyptus and autumn wood.

In the north of China, medium-density wood is called soft wood (except pine), heavyweight except hardwood such as mahogany, rosewood, rosewood, etc., ash and birch and imported willow wood are called hardwood.

In general, wood furniture is lighter than furniture for particleboard and medium density fiberboard.

Signing a contract to retain evidence and safeguarding rights

If you choose the furniture, you need to sign a contract. You can ask for important information such as the material composition, craftsmanship, color, etc., or add it in the form of an attached page.

Before buying furniture, everyone must first understand their concerns, such as buying solid wood furniture or paying more attention to the performance of the furniture, environmental performance, etc., according to their own needs to choose the corresponding products.

If you are worried about the business in the material, you have to choose to go to the brand store to buy brand products.

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