If your house has a small space, how do you decorate it? Will the wardrobe be small? Can the bedside table be installed? Let’s talk about the decoration of the room on this premise today~

1, bedside table

If the house space is too small, you can choose not to install the bedside table, which can be replaced by a triangle chair with a high height and a large bed.

If you think that the bedside lamp is too space-consuming, you can use the lamp to hang it or the wall lamp, because it can save a lot of space!

Or buy a small small high table, you can also put a bedside lamp on the table~

2, hanging shelves

For example, the decoration of this room below, the bedside table next to it is separate, there is a basket on the top of the storage board and it looks good.

You can also choose to design several layers of wooden shelves, each layer can choose a certain height, not only can put things and look very special!

Another is to design a small hanging drawer. After all, the purpose of the bedside table is not to install more things, but to easily install some trivial little things. The form of the drawer is still hidden~ I can’t see anything inside!

3. Design a storage panel above the bed to replace the bedside table

This is probably the idea that was designed often before, but few people have adopted it now. This kind of design can really pack a lot of items!

Is there any decoration on your home? Which type do you like?

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