After we have finished decorating the house, we must add some furniture to our home. Then we are very happy every time we go to the mall to buy furniture, because we have to see some new furniture can be put into our home. The home is definitely going to be a big change, so when I get a lot of friends, when I buy furniture, I will be in a blind state. I don’t know which kind of furniture I should choose. When I get to the market, I will find various kinds of things. Everything I want to buy, but I spent a lot of money. After I bought some furniture, I found that the furniture was not very practical when I got home. It was more troublesome.

If we are here, we recommend to you, some of the more commonly used furniture in the life process, it is more difficult, because the furniture that will be used in normal life is too much, if we list them one by one, we can say I can’t finish it for a few days and nights, but if we can think about it for another way, we can recommend a few models for you. In ordinary life, we don’t recommend furniture for everyone. If we can avoid it. If you have these furniture, then other furniture, you can make a reasonable choice according to the actual needs of your home.

First of all, the first one does not recommend that you choose furniture. It is a bathtub. Usually, some friends may feel that the pressure in our normal life is relatively large. If you come back at night, you need to release the pressure. Then, if you can If you take a hot bath in the bathtub, it can be said that it is a very pleasant thing. We don’t refute this thing, because for showers and baths, the bath is definitely more stressful. I am more comfortable with the whole person, but everyone should also consider the actual situation in their own home. It is more urgent to use the usual commute time, so there is not much free time after coming back late. Kind of housework, so that we don’t have much free time. If we buy a big fish tank and put it in the house, it takes up a lot of space in the bathroom. We don’t use it a few times, but it is very bad. It is.

The second piece of furniture that does not recommend the choice of furniture is the carpet. Now some friends have begun to like to put a carpet in the living room. Then the carpet, if it is actually used, it is not big, it can only be said to be Played a basic retouching function, if you talk on the carpet, the number of times is very small.

Then this carpet, if everyone installed it, will encounter various problems in the later use, because our ordinary carpet, it belongs to a kind of wool, then its inside is Many gaps are very easy to breed bacteria. If we don’t clean it regularly, as long as we say that the body is in direct contact, then a long time will definitely have some bad effects on my skin. If these bacteria pass through our respiratory tract, if it has a very serious impact on my health, I suggest that if you can, then it is easy to choose.

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