How to decorate the living room TV wall? Is it a wall or a diatom mud? In fact, installing a beautiful TV cabinet, you can enhance the force of the entire living room! Let’s take a look at the TV cabinet decoration that can enhance the living room!

With this bookcase and TV cabinet combined into an integrated locker, it seems to be independent but connected to each other, and the home style is up to 80%. White with wood color, elegant and stylish, it is such a literary art, do not explain!

The geometric + embossed TV cabinet combined with the open and push-type door cabinet adds a layered feel to the entire living room. Freely designed TV cabinet design, vases, ornaments, and common items are all safe!

Using the corner of the corner, the entire two walls are TV cabinets / bookcases / showcases, so the design is also very powerful! Commonly used items are placed at the height that is readily available, and are not commonly used, and are afraid of falling ash to be placed in the cabinet door. The design of the entire wall allows the space to be fully utilized.

Minimalist TV cabinet, the cabinet can be sealed and stored, the cabinet can be extended and stored, and the glass door can be placed and can be decorated. The small apartment is so simple and simple to look at!

The integrated TV background wall cabinet maximizes the use of space. The storage of different partitions can be customized. The visible positions are used to place decorations or books. It is easier to open the topic with the guests.

If you want TV cabinets to have a simple and lively style, then don’t fill them with cabinets, and use a combination of open cabinet + wall cabinet + glass door to cover the door to create a relaxed feeling.

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