U-shaped living room sofas are more common in traditional furniture placement, although modern interior furnishings are also common.

This approach is the most space-saving, and suitable for families with fewer family members and guests.

The U-shaped sofa is the ideal seat placement method for the living room sofa. It can close the distance between people and create a warm and comfortable leisure atmosphere.

This type of display is usually composed of a double or triple sofa, a single chair and a coffee table, or two armchairs, but pay attention to the distance between the seat and the coffee table.

■Three-seat sofa + single armrest sofa, the best choice for rectangular living room

Choose a double or triple sofa according to the actual length of the living room, and then choose a single armrest sofa or a double armrest sofa according to the actual width of the living room. The coffee table is best to choose a rectangular shape, and the side and the parts can be flexibly selected or not.

■Three-seat sofa + double sofa, the regular placement of the square living room

Close to the U-shaped pattern on both sides, it is most suitable for the living room facing south or east, receiving a lot of sunlight, and breaking the rules of the square space.

The position of the three-seat sofa and the double sofa can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the living room. You can also choose two on the side, one for the big floor clock, and the other for the floor lamp and large plants.

I hope that the living room can have a feeling that the whole family can sit around watching TV, or that many friends sit around and talk loudly. The living room leisure furniture that can bring a sense of convergence is worth trying.

■Suitable pendulum for medium-sized rectangular living room

This kind of large-sized sofa is mainly equipped with two double-seat sofas. It not only has a variety of changes in the choice of furniture, but also fixes the position of the main sofa, and the other two auxiliary sofas. The position can be placed at multiple angles, as long as a feeling of gathering and enclosing is formed.

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