The new house has spent most of his life to buy, and the next step is renovation. Renovation is a big deal. Materials, construction, installation, and home are all places where money and effort are spent. There are too many precautions before and after renovation of the new house. Give me a few examples of regretting heartbreak today.

1. The hot and cold water pipes must be installed. Some of the faucets only have cold water pipes and no hot water pipes.

2. Newly bought house decoration must ask a designer! Many families have disguised their opinions because of their disagreement. Shenma Nordic style and IKEA style are all clouds!

3. Do not use light-colored curtains in the bedroom home, or don’t want to sleep late, the sun is too glaring!

4. If you cook a lot, you can’t use an open open kitchen. Even a good hood is fake. Cooking is your own, it is necessary to install an air conditioner.

5. There must be more storage space, and more sets of cabinets, especially after having children, you know how many things there are.

6. The waterproof of the balcony must be done well, especially for the rainy south, the waterproof is not done well, just wait for the water to penetrate the wall and infiltrate ~ when you cry, you can’t cry!

7. Newly bought houses must be arranged for the use of each room, to determine what electrical appliances will be used in each place to plan the location of the outlet. Everyone knows the big appliances, the key is small, such as electric kettles, as well as a large number of small appliances in the kitchen.

There are still a lot of pits in the decoration home, I will continue to sort out, thank you for your support.

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